About Us

Sauvage is a winery and farm distillery specializing in handcrafted, fruit-based, kosher wines and spirits. Sauvage' specialty is to bring innovative, quality, and unique alcoholic beverages to the market. We currently offer the following spirit categories: Apple Sparkling Wine Collection called Comsi Comsa and an Apple-based vodka called Upstate, a Gold Medal 2019 Denver International Spirits Competition Winner.


French for "like this, like that", the range of Comsi Comsa Apple Sparkling Wines contains 12% alcohol, is produced from apples sourced from local farms, and as the name suggests is "like a cider and like a bubbly". 


Like our wines, our gold award winning Upstate Vodka is also produced from apples sourced from local Upstate New York farms. Named for the region our distillery is located and where we get our farm sourced apples, our smooth and crisp apple distilled vodka boasts a unique flavor profile. Upstate is handcrafted and produced in small batches from all natural ingredients, features 45% Alc./Vol.(90 Proof) and is available in 750ml, 375ml, and 50ml bottles.


Located in Oneonta, New York, we produce and bottle all Sauvage products under one roof. We are proud to work with and support the hardworking local apple farms that surround the Sauvage Winery and Farm Distillery.