Comsi Comsa Collection - Dry

Sauvage‘s sparkling wine collection, Comsi Comsa introduces its latest launch, Apple Dry. The product’s name speaks to its categorization as it boasts a Dry flavor with almost no residual sugar. The name Comsi Comsa, taken from the French phrase, «comme ci, comme ça» means “Like This/Like that”, describing the sparkling apple wine that's "Like Bubbly/Like Cider".

Apple Dry is made from all natural ingredients, including apples sourced from local New York State farms. It is made in the classic champagne style, refreshing and celebratory. Comsi Comsa Apple Dry is best served chilled and is perfect as an apéritif, and a complement to virtually any meal.  Comsi Comsa Apple Dry contains 12% Alcohol by Volume, is gluten-free and kosher. Available in a 750ml bottle.