Dominic Scott


Like a perfectly ripened fruit inviting the first bite, Comsi Comsa is ripe for savoring. This artisanal, all natural sparkling wine is made in our Charlotteville, NY distillery with apples from local farms. From the French expression, comme ci, comme ça, meaning ‘Like this/Like that,’ Comsi Comsa is ‘Like sparkling wine/Like cider.’

Unlike other Sauvage varietals, Comsi Comsa Apple Ripe is made from late harvest apples giving it a smooth, tangy profile. Well balanced, versatile, and semi-sweet, it’s a cross between a perfect dry white wine and a port, pairing well with any food.

This critically acclaimed sparkling wine is made from all natural ingredients and certified gluten free.

12% Alc/Vol (24 Proof) Available in 750ml and 375ml bottles | Certified Kosher (OK)

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  • Rated 88 Points by Blue LifeStyle Spirit Review Team