Vodka is typically associated with wheat or potatoes and wine of course, with grapes. So why does Sauvage use apples?

First and foremost, they make a great-tasting vodka and wine. Apple vodka tends to be somewhat smoother with a slightly sweeter finish than grain vodkas. We take pride in creating a small batch, truly hand crafted, agricultural product. A product of this quality takes time, not technology.

Secondly, here at Sauvage, we believe in sourcing local ingredients. Our distillery is surrounded by some of the finest apple orchards in the country. New York is the second largest producer of apples in the US and the third largest of grapes. This orchard-grapevine connection is not a coincidence, which explains why some of the finest cider comes from the greatest wine regions. Proximity to bodies of water, cool nights, long summer days, and mineral-rich soils contribute to New York’s ideal apple growing conditions, unrivaled variety of apples, and its unique terroir.

Finally, it is how we guarantee our vodka is gluten free. While many claim that all distilled spirits are gluten-free, the possibility of gluten cross-contamination in facilities that make vodka from grain is real. That is not going to happen in a 100% gluten-free distillery. We are proud that our distillery and products have obtained the most stringent gluten free certification from so our consumers can trust what they are drinking.